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If I had 24 hours to save the world,
I would spend 23 on defining the problem
and 1 on the solution.
—Albert Einstein

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The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we don’t recognize.
—Shingeo Shingo

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Standardization is freedom. You can’t create or contribute in chaos. Standardization removes the chaos.
—Andy Carlino

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We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.
—Anais Nin

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To lead, you must go beyond creating a vision – you must develop the vehicle that will deliver it.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean is the vehicle that will help you move beyond the tools and take lean to a self-sustaining and continuously improving level.

“I have been tilling in the author’s field for more than 40 years but I studied their book twice, not as a choice but as a feast. I will send a copy to every CEO I know.”
--John O Whitney, Professor Emeritus and former Chairmen of the W. Edward Deming Center for Quality Management at Columbia Management School

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Andy Carlino is a lean consultant and trusted advisor to private and public companies, highly respected from the C-suite to the shop floor in practically every industry and across the globe.

Andy is not an academic or theorist; he is a practitioner. Find out more.

The perception of a problem is always relative. Your headache feels terrific to a druggist.
Ramona E.F. Arnett

Andy Carlino


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What’s Good?-Coaching

I can’t think of any practice or skill that is more powerful or contributes more to the personal growth and development of an individual, and subsequently an organization, than effective coaching. As organizations mature on their lean journey coaching becomes imperative to growing and sustaining lean. I’m currently coaching a lean executive at one of my long-time clients. He is smart, talented and knows his “lean stuff” but doesn’t understand how to be coached, never mind how to coach. The only objective of a coach is helping someone else achieve their objectives or meet their next challenge. It’s not about the coaches objective.

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What’s Bad?-Coaching

It’s discouraging to find that in many organizations coaching is used synonymously with facilitating, sharing experiences, or providing advice.  We have diluted the meaning and certainly the application.  There often is no real understanding of what effective coaching entails.  I have worked with many “lean coaches”. They are smart people and they know lean but they don’t understand what it means to truly be a coach and the skill that is required.  We have diminished the significance and value of coaching by using the word or title where it doesn’t belong. I’m not sure why this is but I’m convinced it’s unintentional.

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What Do I Think?-Coaching

I am really bothered that we have used coaching interchangeably with advising or facilitating.  Coaching needs to be put on a pedestal where it belongs.  It needs to be seen for its true value and contribution and shouldn’t be discounted or diminished. We need to also recognize that effective coaching is a difficult skill to master and expecting just anyone to be an effective “coach” is unrealistic.  Coaching is a special skill and deserves special consideration. In retrospect, I must admit that I am guilty of thinking that I was coaching when I wasn’t. It sounded better.  Hopefully I or my clients won’t fall into that trap again.

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