Andy Carlino is a lean consultant and trusted advisor to private and public companies, highly respected from the C-suite to the shop floor in practically every industry and across the globe.

Andy is not an academic or theorist; he is a practitioner. Find out more.

Andy Carlino
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To lead, you must go beyond creating a vision – you must develop the vehicle that will deliver it.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean is the vehicle that will help you move beyond the tools and take lean to a self-sustaining and continuously improving level.

“I have been tilling in the author’s field for more than 40 years but I studied their book twice, not as a choice but as a feast. I will send a copy to every CEO I know.”
–John O Whitney, Professor Emeritus and former Chairmen of the W. Edward Deming Center for Quality Management at Columbia Management School

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A decision can be defined as a course of action purposely chosen from a set of alternatives to achieve organizational or managerial objectives or goals. Effective decision making is a critical component of managing any organization or business activities and are frequently made at ALL levels of an organization. Jamie Flinchbaugh in his newest book …

It is easy to debate what characteristics give one company a competitive advantage over another.  It might be service quality, product quality, speed, flexibility, location, social footprint, technology and I’m sure you could offer more examples. Each of these characteristics are legitimate and some are more legitimate than others based on the industry and/or business …

Comparing Lean and Leadership Several years ago I developed, defined and taught what I called “Conflicting Pairs”  Essentially pairs of Lean Leadership behaviors that on one side of the ledger were easier things to do and on the other side were more the right things to do. As I reflect, I am now convinced that …

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